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Rachel Topliss, Head of Employer Academy Partnerships, and Work-related Activity is asking for support with ‘Laptops for Kids’. Read her letter below:

Dear all,

You may have seen that the college has joined forces with David Richards, the founder and CEO of WANdisco, The Star and Learn Sheffield to launch the Laptops for Kids campaign. This initiative builds on the success of The Star’s Sheffield Learning Together supplement which supported accessible home learning for all during lockdown and aims to close the digital divide by supplying free computers to the young people in our local communities who need them most.

The ability for young people to connect remotely with one another, both for their learning and their well-being, is extremely important – especially as we find ourselves in a second national lockdown and as we head into the winter months. Having access to a device that they can use for remote learning will make a huge difference to every young person given this opportunity.

I would like to appeal to all our employer partners (and family and friends) to get involved and help with the campaign if you are able to. We are looking for volunteers to donate any unused, unloved and unwanted laptops to someone in need. Please note:

  • The laptop can be any make, model and any condition (including any that have had virus issues)
  • Laptops can be donated with or without power cables (if donating a power cable please attach it securely to the laptop)
  • We would also be grateful for any old laptop power cables even if you haven’t got the laptop to donate
  • Please be reassured that all data will be wiped in line with HM Government specification guidelines so nothing can be recovered

For more information or if you would like to donate your old laptop, please email to arrange a safe drop off.

Thank you for your support and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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