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MD Club member Datatrainer is based in the Barclays Eagle Lab Technology Incubator at Kollider in Castle House in Sheffield and is dedicated to promoting the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to MD Club members and other organisations across the region to drive productivity.

The benefits of AI solutions are becoming more widespread across many fields but can still be quite hard for business leaders to get to grips with.  The impacts of the recent Covid 19 crisis have made it even harder to promote this kind of innovation adoption, but Datatrainer founder Tim Latham believes an award-winning conversational AI platform he has recently partnered with could address the combined challenges perfectly.

Even as we approach the easing of lockdown restrictions, many organisations are struggling with a tough economic climate, staff sickness, working from home productivity impacts and applying social distancing in the workplace, while at the same time facing high demands on customer service and other areas.

Datatrainer are able to quickly deploy a cutting edge IDW (Intelligent Digital Worker), that with minimal adaptations able to handle numerous customers interactions across multiple platforms allowing beleaguered staff to focus their attentions on higher value conversations.

“It’s a sophisticated AI solution that is easy to understand and perfect for this situation”

Tim Latham

Contact information:

Tim Latham, Datatrainer Founder


Phone: 07545612488


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